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Mobile Payments

Payments on the go.

Accept payments from anywhere via phone, tablet or computer. Send invoices instantly or set recurring billing.

What are the benefits of mobile payments?

To process credit card transactions, many businesses rely on desktop POS readers that stay by the checkout counter. However, for electricians, plumbers, lawn care specialists, food delivery, and other businesses that interface with customers in the field, portability is essential. They need payment solutions that can securely accept payments while on-the-go.

Of course, you could buy a dedicated handheld POS reader, however, it’s simpler and cheaper to convert your existing smart device into a mobile credit card reader. This approach keeps costs low while still enabling you to process payments — no matter where your business takes you.

Take payments where your customers are

Take all types of payment

Accept chip, dip, and contactless payments including Tap-to-Pay on iPhone, Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and Samsung Pay®

Flexible order management

Open, edit, delete items, or take payments later without having to close out a transaction and start a new one. Offer one-touch tipping and process full or partial refunds, returns, and exchanges quickly.

Manage your business anywhere

Configure to suit your needs

Set your business’s discount, tip, and tax rates directly through the app on your mobile device. Automatically apply service or delivery charges.

View all transactions while mobile

See your entire transaction history – including open, pending, and completed transactions – across any of your payment devices.

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