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Businesses today need to prioritize simple, secure payment processing. Two key aspects of payment processing is the intial merchant onboarding and then, the ongoing support. These together lay the foundation for a streamlined, compliant, and efficient payment processing system.

Although the details of merchant onboarding are complex, the process doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s a high-level overview of what you need to know during onboarding and the support that comes post-implementation.

Pre-Implementation Steps


Statement Analysis and Rate Comparison

A comprehensive break down of your current rates and fees compared to the lower rates that Gold Standard can provide.


Identify Current Pain Points

We work to understand any current issues or support that you may not be receiving from your current provider. It is our priority to address these for our clients.


Solution Presentation

After our analysis, we come back with a presentation on how we can maximize your profits and better streamline your business as it related to payments.


Online Application Process

Apply with ease using our secure online application with digital signature that helps simplify and accelerate the approval process.


24-Hour Underwriting Approval

Once the application is signed and submitted, our underwriting team will review and approve new merchant accounts within 24 hours.


2-Day Equipment Delivery

Once your merchant account is approved, you will receive the processing equipment with 48 business hours.

Post-Implementation Steps


Equipment Installation | In-Person or via Phone

All equipment comes pre-programmed to accept payments right away. We can provide assistance with setup, just let us know!


Owner and Staff Training

With our packaged training, we ensure all employees and staff are comfortable operating the equipment before going live.


Transaction Testing and Quality Assurance

All of our terminals are tested before shipment. We also run another test transaction once the device arrives at the business location.


Ongoing Training at Owner's Request

We are always here to help and train staff. Our goal throughout our partnership is to make sure every employee is comfortable using our devices.


24/7 Customer Support

Your relationship manager is your primary contact and is always US-based. Our processor has 24/7 customer support available, as well.

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