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Virtual Terminal

Card not present? No problem.

Our virtual terminal solution allows merchants to process secured PCI-compliant credit card payments from virtually anywhere through a simplified online payment tool.

What is a Virtual Terminal?

Virtual Terminal is a simplified online payment tool accessible through any web browser via a PC, tablet, or smartphone. It is ideal for any card-not-present scenarios, e.g. merchants who deal with phone-in orders or a remote customer base. The virtual terminal solution allows merchants to process secured PCI-compliant credit card payments, from virtually anywhere. Virtual terminal also conveniently supports scheduled recurring payments such as bills and fees.

Run your business from anywhere

  • Accept credit and debit card payments directly on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Request customer payments by email and allow customers to pay you by credit or debit card online.
  • Take care of all incoming payments: in-store orders, mail or telephone orders, or invoices.
  • Send digital receipts via email and monitor all transactions in one dashboard.
  • Store your regular customers’ card information securely for faster transactions.
  • Protect against fraud with address verification service (AVS) and card verification value (CVV).

Works for any business

Any business can use Virtual Terminal to securely process credit cards – from restaurants and retailers to services businesses who take payments over-the-phone or by mail.

Avoid payment disruptions

Technical difficulties happen. Using a Virtual POS Terminal gives your business a backup plan in case your normal payment system is interrupted. 

Supports PCI compliance

Customers trust you with their payment data. Our Virtual Terminal credit card processing solution can help shield this payment information from fraud and abuse.

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